Welcome to my blog. I have been meaning to get this up and running for ages, but I have found out that I am incredibly good at getting distracted by lots of other things, meaning this never happened until now. ANYWAY, this is going to be an introductory and no doubt very cringey first post where I tell you all about myself and some of the things I hope to achieve by this and share with you like-minded people.

Basic info-

Mica Anthony is my name, but let’s just say Meesh because that means you will be pronouncing it right and less room for spelling mistakes (although i have kind of given up on correcting people, so won’t mind too much if I’m called ‘mika’ or ‘meeka’). I’m 21 and studying English Literature at the University of Sheffield. In my final year which is quite scary because that means I’ll be graduating in July and thrust into the real world!

I have always been (well I like to think) a creative person, whether that be (attempting) to write poetry, creating art-collages, paintings and decorating my wall…can we call that art? img039I’ve always loved expressing myself visually, especially through fashion and clothes. I have far too many clothes. However, I definitely feel that they are a great way to say something about yourself without having actually said anything about yourself. As a kid and teenager, I was painfully shy, so I always found wearing something ‘cool’ or wacky was a good way to show my ‘true self’ (haha…so philosophical). And finding a bargain or one-off piece can be such a good feeling!

IMG_0303Other than clothes, I’m really into music. Those of you who know me will know that I’m always trawling the internet for cool new tunes, reading various music blogs, sharing music with my friends or going out to see people play.  I’m one of those people who ‘likes everything really’ which is kind of true. However, my passion lies with electronic music and dance music. I don’t want to say ‘UK Bass‘ because that’s quite general and i’m definitely NOT going to say EDM because that’s just a whole-nother conversation. Genres like garage, grime, dubstep, house, funky house, bassline, jungle…the list goes on. Basically, anything that is exciting and fun to listen and dance to (dancing is essential), as well as being experimental/ forward thinking. I will probably do a specific post on music interests to save myself from rambling but I’ll also mention that I also enjoy 90s style soul, rnb and jazzy stuff and there are a few new artists who I really enjoy and hope to see succeed in such an exciting time for music. Enjoy the above picture, i might start doing look of the say or something like that, but need 2 practice ma posin’ skillz

I LOVE festivals! I find it hard to comprehend when peps_2013_09_16___15_19_50ople say they hate festivals because of the unpredictable weather and having to camp for the whole weekend. But what could be better than spending a weekend with your friends, watching artists you love, finding new artists to love as well as getting involved with some arty crafty things in a field where pretty much anything goes?! Last summer (2013) I made my first venture to Croatia for my first foreign festival experience (Outlook and Dimensions) and I have got to say, they were INcredible. Some of the memories I have of those 2 weeks were some of my best that i will cherish forever…….take me back. I have to say that  my favourite English Festival has to be Bestival. Such a friendly atmosphere, so so much to keep you busy if you don’t want to only listen to music and the fancy dress is definitely a crucial factor in it claiming the top spot.mica lib

Also, at uni, I’m a stunt cheerleader for the Sheffield Sabrecats. We’re a competitive team where we throw stunts, do jumps, tumbles and dance. Having done gymnastics for the most part of my childhood and early teenage years, I was eager to use these skills for something more exciting and team based. Ever since I started cheer I have been hooked! I could spend forever watching videos on youtube but I have to resist sometimes or I will just get absolutely nothing done.

So yeah,  this blog is going to mainly be about style, fashion, music and just  general lifestyle/culture things that I think are cool and wanna share!

I don’t think all my posts will be this long, hopefully it will be an extension to my twitter feed. -Forgot to mention I tweet a LOT! follow @miowmeeshy for yourself- but I’ll be more in depth with what I mean or what I’m trying to say.

ps I’m new to this blogging thing so still learning the ropes

adiós! xox


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