Yo! Back again in good time!IMG_0499

So I’ve done an introductory post and a music post- which i will continue at some point, hopefully next week. However, today I thought I would do one of them ‘Outfit of the day’ posts and show off ma new hair that I gone and did.

So it’s February and still very much winter, so I have no idea what posessed me to wear a crop top today. I think I was deceived by the sun in the morning and thought it would be a miraculously mild spring day but no. Still cold, windy, hilly ol’ Sheffield. i’ve worn this outfit and variations of it many a time before and it’s kind of ’90s inspired’ (90s are my favourite decade for fashion at the moment, closely followed by the cringey noughties…they king of blend into one another seamlessly I find).

So I’m wearing high waistIMG_0493ed ‘Joni’ jeans from Topshop. I really like the cut and  colour of these jeans, however I have found that they have lost their original shape. And because they don’t have belt loops, it is difficult to maintain the high waist continuously throughout the day so I’m always having to pull them up and rearrange. but i can say that they are the highest high waist jeans I have worn to date (in terms of bottoms, I definitely think the AA riding pants and disco pants are up there in the super high waist category). That is, up to the belly button, and not like some of those jeans that claim to be high waisted just because they’re not hipster or low rise in their fit. (Rant over!)

I have yet to try the American apparel Easy jean. I have seen them online and have heard that they have a similar fit to these, but are all round better quality, so if I come into some ££$$ I think I’m definitely going to invest.

Paired with a simple cropped T-shirt from Asos, this is clean and simple and because I’m wearing high waisted bottoms, not too much stomach is out which deems it acceptable (by my standards) day wear….mid february!


Cardigan was a steal at a mere ONE POUND!! YES YOU READ RIGHT, it only cost me a quid from a stall at Glasto. It was originally the £2 vintage clothes tent, however, as the festival closed and the stalls were packing up, everything was reduced to a pound. I bought 10 things, including 2 other jumpers and some other snazzy stuff I’ll show you at a later date. I like it’s longer length and 3/4 sleeves as it makes it a good transition piece for spring and I don’t have to keep rolling up my sleeves. (who do we do that anyway??!)IMG_0496

My favourite trainers that i seem to be wearing all the time of late.  My black Reebok classics.

I’ve got the white pair with blue detailing, a white pair with pink detailing and a plain white pair, however they feel like my ‘summer trainers’ now because i don’t think a day went by where I didn’t wear them!

Paired with my ever so cool and clashing bright red and yellow apply print socks just to give a colour pop.

My coat i’m wearing was bought also at a steal of £20 from ASOS marketplace last year and is literally the warmest coat I have ever had and I’ve paired it with a tartan scarf, also from ASOS because they’re all the rage at the minute! hair check! I’d wanted to try out really long hair for a while, but was scared that I IMG_0507 IMG_0510would just get annoyed with it and end up chopping it all off, but with it being cheer competition season at the minute, I wanted some long locks so I could do some awesome hair flicks and stuff (cringey I know) and thought I might as well try longer hair now in the winter beforeIMG_0502 it gets too warm and I get even more irritated by it. Currently really liking it, but because I’m not used to it, I’m still learning how to style and maintain it so it looks and feels healthy for as long as possible!

Thanks for reading, gonna post something else real soon

keep em eyes peeled xoxx


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