So I’m back with another outfit post.

What am i wearing? I shall show you

me lookin swish

me lookin swish

90s tartan grungey oversized hot mess

I finally succumbed to the tartan trend (that appears to be gradually fading away…great one to get on to the back end of a trend- maybe that’s a good thing as less people will be wearing it so I’ll actually look MORE original than if i did at the height of it’s popularity?) and decided to try an oversized skater dress. Now I don’t usually go for the oversized trend simply because I’m so small, I tend to easily get swamped in material, but this dress works pretty well in my opinion.

So as you can see, it’s not actually as big as I thought it would come up, it’s perrrfect. To be fair the dress is in a size 6- a size smaller than I would normally wear, so I’m kind of compensating for the oversized-ness, but it’s still pretty roomy. I wasn’t sure whether to style it with a belt, but thought that the first time I wore it, I would go all in on the oversized look, so just left it to hang of me bod.

I don’t normally even wear dresses, so this was an unusual step for me. I do like my separates as I feel they give me more room to experiment with different outfit combos.

IMG_0869Also I usually hate with a passion, skater skirts–they are just awful if you got a bootay because they make you (well me) look humungous. So i tend to stay away from them. I was also going to wear this oversized shirt, but felt that that spoiled the shape of the dress, so left it out. makes me look well frumpz (frumpy lol)

Styled the outfit with 15 denier sheer tights and my new New Balance trainers, which i can’t get enough of at the mo! I don’t know why I didn’t get a pair sooner, they are literally the comfiest trainers ever and I feel like I’m walking on air with every step!

So yeah, that’s my outfit. as usual, LOVING the 90s inspired stuff, tartan/plaid print was definitely a thing in the 90s and it’s definitely a thing now. Although my love for the 90s is creeping ever closer to the present, as some noughties fashion has also caught my eye. Although, i do kind of feel that the noughties weren’t long ago enough for the tragic styles to be re-worked as trendy, so think I’m treading a fine line with that one.

IMG_0865imageDefinitely going to post about some of my noughties inspired stuff when some more stuff comes off ebay. #gutted (yes I hashtagged on wordpress and what?!) that I missed out on one item by 5p! wasn’t paying attention to the listing and missed out but probably for the best as it was quite tragic!

HOPEFULLY if I can get my hands on my dad’s swanky camera that he no longer uses, I’m going to start vlogging (is that right?) like doing ‘haul’ videos, ‘get ready with me’ videos and all that jazz and post them only a youtube channel, but that has yet to come…

AND I haven’t forgotten about continuing that music post I began a few weeks back. fashion obvs takes a priority when you get something new and wanna show it off!

Thanks for coming through! xoxx Meesh.


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