Bringing some 2004 into 2014


I’ve had a huge obsession with fashion clothes and accessories from the late 1990s and early noughties for a while now and am trying to (admittedly, probably single handedly) being back some of what I think are cool trends we wore back then. In 2004 I started secondry school, so we could even go back as fat as 2000 as I went to a primary school with no uniform, so those are the days of fashion I remember most vividly. Light up trainers, pedal pushers, tattoo chokers, spaghetti strap tops, belly  tops(note how they weren’t slightly cropped, but your whole stomach was out), low rise flared jeans, cargo trousers (why oh why!?)…the list goes on. Now I’m not gonna say I’m going to literally step back in time and bring back everything I can remember because I would look like a tit, but there are definitely some things we can still rock in 2014 with some updated style

IMG_0880 IMG_1278  IMG_0827



Here’s a mini style sIMG_0881election I have put together. Note the Mariah Carey style crochet top (not sure how I’m going to wear this bra-less because there is little-no support whatsoever in this top), pedal pushers, Morgan De Toi tie dye strappy cami crop top, scrunchie, tattoo choker and gold hoops. One evening I had a spark of inspiration and remembered those brands that defined the 00s- Claire’s Accessories, Warehouse, Kookai, Morgan- but a lot of the time were too grown up for my 12 year old self. But I trawled ebay and found some gems from Morgan- these 2 strappy tops are really 00s and I love them! I’ve also updated the pedal pusher trend with ¾ jeggings (complete with chavvy diamante detailing!) and you obviously have to complete the look with gold hoops. I wish I had a pic of my Tammy sparkly gold wedges because if I wore all these at the same time, I would definitely win best dressed at the year 6 school disco, just sayin!


IMG_1137 IMG_1014









90s style has been on the up for about a year or two I would say iggy-azaelea-600and have you seen Iggy Azalea’s video for her new song Fancy? They re-create scenes and outfits from the iconic 90s teen culture film Clueless which starred Alicia Silverstone. Forget double denim, check out the double tartan and Perspex hat! They look cool, but I think if anyone were to wear them out of the context o fancy dress it would be a bit tragic. Not gonna lie though I did pine for that yellow tartan blazer-skirt combo. I even went to the lengths of buying a pleated tartan skirt and knee length socks, but just ende up looking more 12-year old catholic school rebel rather than edgy-cool fashionista!


So the overall message I’m trying to put across is that the 90s and 00s were great and trends from back then can definitely be work in the present day! Just be wary of trying too hard and putting everything in one outfit. You’ll end up looking like a walking cliché, or worse…a year 7 fashion disaster on non-uniform day!




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I’ll be back soon with a music related post i swear. i’ve only just learnt how to make new pages so keep an eye out!



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