femelle rassemblement de musique…a roundup of wicked female music!











As most of you probably already know, I do love my electronically produced music and music that is designed for dance floors because I love to get a groove on. However, it’s always nice to be able to have a playlist of sultry female artists whose music is just well….pleasing to hear. So here I’m gonna talk about some femme fatales that I have been listening to a lot recently. If you haven’t, check out my previous neo soul post for other ideas.


BANKS. I’m not too sure how I came across this girl (as is standard for many of who I now rate as some of my favourite artists) but I’m sure glad I did! Banks manages to maintain control of a voice that is full of presence and authority whilst still showcasing that seductive element which never fails to put me in a relaxed state of being. Her songs can be quite intense, but don’t let that put you off, it just means you pay that extra bit of attention to her smooth rolling tones and the exquisite production of her tracks. I think the first ever track of hers I heard was ‘Before I Ever Met You’ and if you listen to that, you’ll get what I mean by intense! However, that was a while ago and my favourite tune by her, hands down has to be Warm Water, which was produced by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) and if you are familiar with electronically produced music, you will probably have heard of this guy—his tunes just remind me of those moments at festivals around 2pm where everyone is just loving life and feeling great! So here’s Warm Water, check her on facebook and soundcloud too she might be coming to a city near you!

 SO GUTTED I didn’t get to see her in Sheffield…deadlines and me not being organised enough to have finished my essay early enough to even consider going!)



Kelela. If you haven’t heard the FREE mixtape: Cut 4 Me this girl put out late last year, where have you been?! Like seriously?! With the help of some of the producers (Kingdom, Bok Bok, Nguzunguzu) who are currently on the top of their game and at the top of the production game in the industry, this album pushes boundaries and our very concept of electronic music and increasingly blurs the boundaries between underground and ‘mainstream’ (don’t expect to be hearing this on the MTV Hits though haha). Now, I’m not always a big fan of vocals on these kinds of tracks, but the soul and pure emotion in her voice is something not to be missed! Her voice perfectly complements this electronic music that hasn’t been produced to make you dance but to make you listen to the various layers that make up this sound.

DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE PLEASE! if it’s the only thing you do after/whilst reading this post Go gogogo

I think what first attracted me to give this a listen was the incredible lineup of producers she had worked with. If you’re familiar with the Night Slugs or Fade to Mind labels, you’ll know what I mean, but if you aren’t, these guys are pushing new sounds of what I can only describe as metallic, blunt sounding sparse music. I don’t think that means much to you, but give Jam City, Kingdom and Girl Unit a listen!

omg this is digressing majorly, but check this tune, think it it my all time fave from Girl Unit (admittedly I haven’t kept up with releases and what not but still,) it is a lot 

The standout tune without a doubt on this mixtape has to be Bank Head and I had this song on REPEAT for god knows how long when I first heard it! The echoing drums and claps that open the track paired with the melancholy tone in Kelela’s voice produce a sense of longing and sadness about letting go (let’s not get too far into the meaning of the lyrics of the song!) but towards the end the tone changes more towards hope and looking forward as the track builds and Kelela’s voice gains more presence and power.



Max Marshall. This girl. This girl. She has the most interesting voice, it’s quite low, but still sounds feminine and is just a great breath of fresh air to what I have been listening to of late.

This is the first one I heard of hers, and I really enjoy the smooth rolling sounds that are both relaxing and catchy foot-tapping stuff.

This one my favourite of hers and she has literally just released a video to go with it. It reminds us of lazy late summer evenings where life just seems good! (haha have you noticed loads of songs make a visible picture in my mind?!) 

She is American, but has settled in the UK—YES!! I really hope to see this girl live as I believe she has a lot lot lot to offer and will go far!


At first I thought I was going to write a long post with loads of artists and videos, but from my own experience, I thought that would be a little overwhelming. When I’ve read articles in the past of must listen artists I never really get round to listening to them all in detail and never fully appreciate each track. So. I have made this post deliberately shorter so you have chance to check ^^ these guys^^ out. Listen, digest and before you know it I’ll have written the second part to this post! aaaand I’ve been really nice and linked you to basically all the artists mentioned in some way shape or form no no excuses that you didn’t know whereto find any of their work!

Leave any comments below for anything you think would be interesting for me to write about and cool topics that you’d be interested in hearing my opinion on!

Safe guys, thanks for checking this as always

Peace xo



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