Where have these past three years gone – the beginner blogger writer girl

WOW. that’s it. as of now, I have completed all the work towards my English lit degree. A strange sense of fulfillment, disappointment, elation and despair as I now realise that all formal education is over and it’s really up to me to be proactive in where my life goes from here!! eeeek! Don’t worry it’s still the same old silly me, dont you think that I’m gonna go all serious and boring on ya!

Gonna try and post waaay more often now probably about various subjects until I settle on one that I will focus on…or not and remain eclectic.

It’s June and the sun is out so I’m gonna talk summer footwear. Now I know I’m normally a trainer girl all year round but thought I would *try* some sandals and see how I fair, since I’ve seen some really cute chunky heeled gladiator style ones and some 90s style ones that I just had to try. ofc there’s a pair of wavey kicks in this post too.

also has fun with my new camera so all the cool/dodgy angles are me trying to be a photographer haha

1. Reebok 80s style trainers. These were such an impulse buy buy I’ve got about 4 pairs of Reebok’s 3 of which are the classic style and jumped at the chance of these ones that look as if they belong in an 80s aerobics class with high leg leotards and leg warmers hahahaa

P1000946 P1000943P1000949P1000947











2. New Look gladiator style chunky sandals. Have seen a LOT of variations of these heels especially really high platform ones which i was quite tempted to go for, however, being real, I’m not gonna get a lot of wear out of them as I never really wear heels but these are small enough to wear during the day and the night. doubly good so I don’t even feel bad about buying them. Ps. all these shoes were bought second hand so even more to feel good that I got a bargain and helped a sista out who didn’t want them anymore!

P1000951I quite enjoy how they are kind of open but not open so you can either go bare footed or try the whole socks and sandals thing that we spend our childhoods cringing at when we saw our parents do. I’m sure my mum will say she had a pair similar to these when she was my age and joke about how cyclical fashion is. weird that, init! here’s some more arty pics

P1000959 P1000958


3. 90s ‘tourist’ style velcro chunky open toe sandals. Haha yes i did name them the ‘tourist sandal’ because had they not the heel, and you wore them with white socks you would look like a mahoosive tourist! Not that that’s even a bad thing though. Not sure how comfy these are gonna be for an all day wear as there isn’t much cushioning on the sole and I can see the straps getting annoying but only time will tell!

P1000960stylP1000963ed with my John Lennon sunglasses ofc

Here’s what i meant about the socks and sandals. I kept it a bit ‘cooler’ by clashing colours and thats my plaid/check oversized shirt I’ wear with them, thrown over a strappy crop and high waisted jeans. outfit= complete



^^ Complete fluke ghost pic. Think I was awkwardly trying to take a picture from the side of me wearing them (why I didn’t just use the self timer I will never know!) and that’s me mid fall

So yeah that’s it for now kids, hope you enjoyed and I’m excited to do more frequent posts, maybe more often with less content or less often with more/better content…or a hybrid of the two

safe peace xox


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