What I’m wearing: ribs on ribs, denim and leather!

So as of March 2015 I’ve decided to move my blog back to WordPress. Don’t think there’s any way to back date posts so I’ll just upload these as a series of ‘archives’ until I reach the present and will then post as normal. Bare with me, this could be a lengthy and tedious process.


I seem to be wearing a lot of ‘ribbed’ textured materials at the minute- I am especially loving the Topshop ribbed crop t-shirts as they’re so comfortable and light, which is great for summer if its not quite warm enough for a strappy top!


I decided to wear it underneath a ribbed floral dress that I picked up from the £1 stall at Glasto ’13. I had cut the dress to make it shorter and I actually think it’s meant to be a plus sized smock kind of top as The label says size 18, but it works on me pretty well as a dress.

To toughen it up, I styled it with my oversized denim jacket and Caterpillar black leather walking boots-both really comfy and both really cheap! I don’t actually think I bought any of this outfit brand new, its either vintage, second hand, from a charity shop, Ebay or Depop (so i strongly advise you check them out, some right bargains just waiting to be found!!)

Again, thanks for stopping by and checking out my page, hope you enjoyed! I’m going to try and start blogging a lot mroe often, and not just outfits of the day, but other things beauty, style and music related! If you haven’t already seen, I’ve got a wordpress site where I’ve already done multiple music and lifestyle posts, however, I am quite enjoying this platform,  so think I’m going to stick with blogger!

NOTE: So you’re obviously reading this on WordPress. since Working at / Dezeen, I’ve been using WordPress on a much more regular basis and am now more familiar and confident that this is the way forward.


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