Miowmeeshy; queen of crops

 *Anyone else a fan of the Mary Portas, queen of shops series..?!*
[disclaimer] sorry not sorry for the nip

So this post has been a long time coming. Not only because I haven’t posted in ages, but we’re mid way through summer and I haven’t let on about my obsession with crop tops. It could be a crop that only shows a slither of skin or a crop where your whole tummy is out…show it to me and no doubt I will love it. I do kind of have a love hate relationship with crops because my torso is where i store most of my body fat, but hey, I guess it’s an incentive to keep fit and toned!

It was my sister that dubbed me as a ‘crop queen’ simply for the fact that the majority of tops that I have fall shy of the navel area. I really don’t know why some people still see it as a bit shameless to show your belly button but I paid to get mine pierced and and I’m gonna get my moneys worth!

So without further ado, lets get stuck into this!! *excuse the nips in all these pics, they just did not want to settle down*

 1. Ellesse sporty crop top/ bra
I got this bargain from depop for only £6, it came new with tags. definitely another piece fuelling my 90s obsession. I know I’m probably going to look back on this in a few years like…’what in the hell was I thinking?!?’


I think the top is meant to be more of a sports bra, but the airtex type material (think school P.E top material *shudder*) is quite flimsy and thin and these boobies definitely need more support that it is giving on its own!
2. Kappa sporty crop with racer back


Another steal of an item from ~wavey~garms~ and since green is my favourite colour (despite the fact that I never wear green and this is my first green item of clothing) I HAD to get it. I normally wear this when actually doing exercise but it’s probs gonna see a dancefloor/field or two over the course of the summer.

3.  Topshop Ribbed Crop t-shirt

These cute little crop tees from Topshop are so cute I have the same one in about four different colours. The perfect length to only be showing a couple of inches of skin, really light material so you won’t get too hot and gorgeous ribbed detailing. a really versatile piece IMO!

4. tie-dye ribbed high neck crop vest top
Wow, that was a mouth full! really like the interesting neckline on this top. Kind of a cross between a strappy vest top and a high neck/polo neck top. best of both and just something a little different.


5. Long sleeve *slightly* sheer striped crop

I had been wanting this little number for AAAAGGGEESS but I knew it was Topshop and couldn’t even face looking at how expensive it would be, so I scoured ebay and found it for a fiver! Something quite different for me as I don’t normally do long sleeved, but paired with high waisted bottoms, it actually looks quite smart (for me that is!) and trendy. Note to self though, I need to find a bra that works a bit better as you can see the lace texture through my top! Also, how good is this photo editing software, its called Silkypix developer studio and it is sooo easy to use and really versatile. great for a beginner like me!

       6.Selection of other crops. 

Top two are american apparel, again sticking with the 90s neckline theme. However, these are kinda awks to wear as a bustier girl as I still haven’t found a good enough strapless bra to give me enough support and wearing straps would just ruin the whole effect I was going for. #probz



Motel rocks cross back strappy top. again, the shape of the neckline makes it a little awkward, or is it just me being overly critical of myself?!
cute summery pattern tho and looks cute under a denny j (denim jacket to the uninformed).



All styled with my Topshop ‘mom’ jeans and chunky boots/ sandals depending on the weather!
Thanks for stopping by to read about my crop obsession! let me know what you thought too! Also, thinking of doing a video loookbook type thing..let me know if y’all would be intrezzy d! (=interested in my weird lingo)
lots of love, bby meesh xox

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