R&B: Generation Y

So if you haven’t noticed the latest flurry of r&b artists that are in the scene right about now you must have spent all your time listening to ‘EDM’ (that term makes me cringe SO hard).

It is hard to miss this transformation that we are seeing in the r&b spectrum of music. For the past 10 or so years, we have seen the charts dominated by bellowers, belters and wailers- those artists who can bring the house down with the power of their unnaturally huge voice aka Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Christina Aguilera and others. But now there seems to be a new generation of singer songwriters who still fit into the r&b genre, but appear much more stripped back and as a result, more honest and relatable. Some call it PBR&B. I prefer not to simply because that takes away from it’s authenticity and devalues it as R&B music.

1. Jhené Aiko
I know I know, she’s in no way new to the scene, but I had to include her. Her ep ‘Sail Out’ showcases her beautiful soft singing voice, almost childlike in some respects, but the subject matter she sings about are all too familiar! Man issues! I know I was quite late to jump on this hype train and only really looked into her when I saw she was *associated* with Drake and released ‘The Worst’ and featured in Drake’s ‘From Time
—-Stream the EP here:

Also, you have to listen to ‘The Pressure’ that was posted on her Soundcloud about a week ago, its seriously good. And ‘wrap me up’ a christmassy kinda tune.

2. SZA

I’d been sleeping on SZA for a while now (stupidly, I always knew she was good but got caught up listening to loads of grime stuff that had me hooked–that’s another post all together) but I stumbled across her again and yeh, she is sick. I’ve only fully listened to the ‘See.SZA.Run’ Ep and I’m really really impressed.
each track is available for free download so there’s literally no reason to get on it…unless you don’t like or something.

3. Lulu James

Hailing From South Shields and rolling with the Black Butter crew (Think Rudimental, MNEK, Kidnap Kid) she delivers some honest and self proclaimed ’21st century soul’ and since she’s associated with black butter, it is inevitable that she has access to some of the hottest producers right now which really help to give her a unique and experimental sound, fusing black soul with urban electronic music which is definitely having its moment atm!

4. Moko


If you’ve read my blog on my wordpress page about wicked female artists, you’ll see how Moko fits in very easily, but I didn’t want to make that post too long, so I’ll post her tunes here and leave a link to another post I did about her for more deets.

Here’s her new Vid

5. FKA Twigs 

I don’t know why I put this girl last as she’s probably the artist I’m most excited about. Just check her out on YouTube, she’s based in London and I really love her attention to artistic detail. This video and song give me chills, she’s killing it also, she inspired me to wear my septum piercing again so check in again to see some pics of me rocking my septum ring with some mega cool jewellery.


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