Heavy leather and reflective

SO. After a long hiatus, I’m back blogging and today its’a all about chunky black leather boots.
Now its officially winter -and has been for a while- it is a necessity that one owns some weather appropriate winter boots. Black leather is obviously a staple, and following on from the chunky sandals of summer, why not continue with chunky boots?! I’m talking chunky platform, cleated sole, heels (that you can last walking in all day obv) with great detailing.
The boots that I’ve been wearing all have this in common and all kind of also fall into the biker/90s grunge/ gothy-cyber style. I love this as they can toughen up even the most feminine of outfits, giving some edge so you don’t end up looking too cutesy.
1. Zip front platform boots (H&M)
whilst these aren’t real leather, they sure make up for it in their toughness and clumpy-ness. (clumpy as in remember those cumbersome school shoes your mum insisted you wear for durability and practicality) and simple detailing.
Featuring a platform cleated sole with rose gold detailing on the zip front, these are great shoes to wear with skinny/mom jeans. Comfy and practical, mum would be SO proud!
DUPE ALERT! What initially drew me to these was that they are so similar to the Vagabond Dioon zip front boots you can get from UO/ Office, yet are a fraction of the price!


2. The White Pepper platform calf high boots
So the 90s have been ‘in’ for a long time now and I wanted to get some 90s inspired boots that were everyday wearable without looking like a walking throwback. And then we’ve also seen the rise of the knee high…or if you’re brave enough…thigh-high boots everywhere.
Not sure how I feel about these thigh high boots, they look cute in pictures, but in reality, if you’re going to wear them with the skirt and no tights, you risk looking a bit OTT and likewise, styling them over jeans risks looking a bit ‘mumsy’. So When I found these on ASOS in the sale, they looked like a brilliant compromise. The shorter length means you can either go bare legged (probably only in the evening/ special occasion), wear with tights of over trousers without looking too done up or mumsy.
These are real leather and with that, the more you wear them over time, the better they become! My babies!

3. The White Pepper platform biker shoe/boots
Ok, so I cracked whilst browsing ASOS. Despite falling in love with the calf high boots ^pictured above ^, these ones also caught my eye. They proper remind me of the chunky school shoes from Clark’s/ Kickers I always wanted but wasn’t allowed because of the heel. The silver detailing, with the lace and zip fastening and the chunky cleated sole is just a match made in heaven. And they are work appropriate. Score. Because of the platform, the heel is basically nothing, making them super comfy and practical for wearing all day whilst still giving my 5-foot self some much needed height! The chunkyness gives your legs great definition and I’m loving this throwback 90s vibe they have if it wasn’t already obvious!




*excuse the claw-like gollum hand*
Boots, coats and scarves are basically the only reason to love winter let’s be real
see ya next time
–title of this post  inspired by the long overdue release of Azealia Banks’ album Broke With Expensive Taste. if you haven’t heard it, have a listen!
 I flippin love that girl!

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