New Year Musical Interests| all about the girls

New Year Musical Interests| all about the girls

We’re past half way into February of 2015 and I thought it high time that I treat you to a music post. yay! So with the ‘new year new me’ mantra still careering through my veins, I thought I’d share with you a few bits I’ve stupidly been sleeping on since way back when!

Jessy Lanza-  Pull My Hair Back (2013)


So you can see from the date that this was released, I was sleeping on it for more than a moment. But knowing it was put out by Kode 9’s London based label: Hyperdub (a staple if you’re into forward thinking, electronic music. If you haven’t heard, literally GET TO KNOW. (sorry 4 caps)).
   Originally I thought this was a British girl, but after a quick google, it turns out she is actually Canadian which is kinda cool, since the only musicians I can think of off the top of my head from Canada are Drake, Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne.

‘Keep Moving’ is probably the most obvious dancefloor ready record, with clear disco influences, winding synths and a melodic chorus. I can just imagine playing this as a barbecue in the summer on the park or something.

What I really enjoy is the spacious, explorative nature of every track, where there are evident traces of R&B influences throughout as well as an interplay with unusual soundscapes and vocal samples. Listen to ‘Fuck Diamond’ for this, as well as ‘As If’ which makes use of a great winding, rolling/ gliding feel. The record has an overarching shadowy feel to this which is reflected in the cover art where the majority of Lanza’s face is in shadow, sparking curiosity from the listener.

tough love banner

Jessie Ware: Tough Love (2014)

Ok, so I’ve been a Jessie Ware fan from day. Way back when I was surfing the dubstep wave and she featured on a Benga Tune, I really wasn’t impressed (merely for the fact that her vocals were unnecessary on such a good tune) but then she began featuring on various dance songs- probably most noted on the Disclosure Running song which I am still partial to, I began to pay more attention to her.
I really like how she evolved from ‘obligatory-featured-female-vocalist-on-a-dance-track’ into her own distinctive sound and aesthetic.
Not only is she beautiful, but she writes her own songs and collaborates with some wicked producers to create some great music. I was so excited for this album, having loved her debut album-Devotion.

jessie ware

Tough Love is one of those albums where you really want to listen to the whole thing as a complete body of work rather than single tracks. Don’t get me wrong, there are standout songs (‘Kind of…Sometimes…Maybe’ and ‘You & I (Forever)’) but the album has a really cohesive feel about it. I enjoy that as you don’t tend to come across too many ‘pop’ albums where the full piece can be appreciated and not solely for how many top 10 singles they can release from it.


Each song is spectacularly written. Ware has a refined talent for storytelling and lyrically conveying those emotions most of us have trouble even comprehending in our own minds, let along making a song about them.



I can’t believe I’m still yet to see her live! hook me up!


JUCE! Taste The Juce EP (2014)

These girls give me SO much life! They are such a breath of fresh air in the current climate of girl bands. They are credible. Great mixture of soul, R&B and disco sounds- perfect music to my ears. And let’s not forget visually, they are on point! 90s styling and in their sound- yet another girl group I wish I could be in if I were blessed with a singing voice.

juce main

They’ve been on my radar for a year or so and stupidly, I missed out on an opportunity to see them perform at Tramlines 2014 in Sheffield. GUTTED. I’m just banking on them doing another small scale tour so I have the chance to see them again. So funky I literally can’t stop listening.

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