The jumper edit| what is turtle next?

The jumper edit| what is turtle next?

apologies for the *awful* pun
We’ve seen a LOT of takes on the classic turtle neck right from last autumn through to present and they seem to be sticking around with no signs of going anywhere soon. I do love a good turtleneck, however I did find that styling them practically for everyday wear was becoming an issue. They can sometimes be too thick, or the roll neck can be too  long/bulky, giving you the claustrophobic no neck syndrome. Not about that. So when I saw aslight alteration to the traditional turtle neck design, I was soooo happy. Then I got down with the lingo and discovered that it’s called a funnel neck. Maybe Topshop/ Urban Outfitters invented that term, but lord praise the funnel neck. Slightly shorter than the standard turtleneck, giving you room to breath and not feel so caged within your jumper.  Also, you can put one on/take it off without totally ruining your hair or ruining your makeup! score!

So I thought I would put together a few of my favourites and show them to y’all! enjoy!

1. Brandy Melville monochrome striped turtle neck.


Wow, a mouthful. I was thinking of buying this, but an impromptu nip into a charity shop and I managed to find this, in near enough my size for less than £5!! I think it would’ve been silly not to get this- I’ve never been on their website or anything but I reckon they’re pretty pricey full price!
The fabric is quite thin- just a little heavier than t-shirt fabric, so you don’t really need to wear anything under it- in fact it can be your base layer to start with and build up from there.

 -Although I’m championing the funnel neck, this traditional turtle neck is long and loose fitting, so can easily be folded up or down depending on weather conditions and how comfy you feel either way. Steal.

2. Urban Outfitters patterned cropped funnel neck

This jumper caught my eye with the pattern and texture alone. The fabric is thin enough not to be too thick and bulky, with a fleece like feel to it, making it great for keeping you feeling cosy during the bitter winter months.

Couldn’t help but do a mini style for this one. Think it would fit well into the ‘grunge’ trend that is lingering- ie tucked into denim mom jeans, chunky leather boots (swoon)  and brought together with a leather belt.

3&4. Urban Outfitters striped runnel neck in rib; Urban Outfitters black funnel neck in rib.

OK. Don’t judge me. I did it- I bought the same jumper in different colours. But to my defense, one is patterned and one is plain. Completely different. Totally :S

I got the Black one as a present back in September and it’s sooo versatile. Warm enough to be a single layer, yet light enough to wear a t-shirt underneath or a hoodie/cardigan and scarf over the top. I also like that it isslightly sheer. Keep ’em guessing, maybe with a patterned tee underneath to give a dash of colour.

Then the striped one I just couldn’t resist. You can dress it up so it’s both smart or casual, tuck it in, leave it hanging out- whatever, it just looks so good if I don’t say so myself. Got this one in a smaller size just to make it that more fitted and the fabric does seem to be a tad heavier, so great to wear as a singular layer.

5. Gap zip up turtle neck in rib

So this style takes be back. To like 2005 loool. Anyway, yes, I like how its basically a jumper, but made into a cardigan by the zip fastening. Makes it so much more versatile to wear with other pieces. The obvious vertical rib design is quite slimming, fitting into the whole simplistic look of the top. It also has a double zipper, so you can unzip from the bottom (I don’t know who does that, can anybody tell me why you would need/want to?!) as well as the top. The zip also allows you to either zip it alll the way up for an extra long neck kinda look, or zip it up and fold it down which is what I normally do, or not zip up at all and have a really long collar. Not so nice. but still; options.

And then obviously I had to style this one with my new Versace trousers. Not quite high waisted, not quite hipster, but a nice flattering mid rise. Does wonders for the butt I’m telling ya! Not to mention the flared boot cut leg gives the illusion of inches to my tiny legs wooohoo!

And now just a little added extra!

I needed some new ‘work shoes’ -sometimes I feel like I look like I’m genuinely on my way to school- being tiny paired with wearing black shoes, black coat and black skirt are a bit close to a school uniform. I found these onHidden Fashion, a discount clothing website

-let’s just have a moment for Hidden fashion. There is a range of items. Some are OK. Some are horrendous, but you do get the odd piece that is the same as what you can find on Asos, Missguided etc and what is more, everything is UNDER £5! 

-So I saw these shoes, bought them for a fiver and a few days ago, I was trawling through ASOS and saw the exact same ones for over £20!! Now is that not a steal?! So if you’re prepared to trawl through a slow loading site for a bit, i would definitely recommend it!

And that is, sadly, the end of this post.

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xoxox peace


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