8 reasons why a festival experience is an essential life experience.

1 Taking a step out of reality for a weekend of raucous chaos

Festivals always remind me of what Russian critic Mikhail Bakhtin coined as the ‘carnivalesque’. Basically, it’s a fancy way of describing how the normal order of life is temporarily suspended (in this case, for a weekend) and is closely followed with a topsy turvy upside down world. Whatever your Kryptonite, a festival is the place to let it shine…if you can call it that! Release your inner dancing queen and rave until dawn. Be reckless and do things you wouldn’t normally do. Question nothing- if it seems like a good idea…do it! Just don’t be an idiot and peak too soon. It’s all about pacing yourself. 


2 Spending *questionable* quality time with your squad

How often do the squad all get together for a considerable amount of time? Everyone’s lives are getting busier and busier- but we can all pencil in a weekend to spend with your best mates! You might have forgotten how funny [insert name here] is when they get a drink in them…you might have forgotten how [insert name here] can make you laugh so hard a little bit of wee comes out (slightly gross but you’re at a festival…it’s gonna be grubby) but most of all, you’ll remember why these are your BFFs and why you love them so much. Festivals are the perfect time to create memories (some of them, admittedly, you may not remember) but such a joint experience is totally going to bring your crew back together again.

3 Discovering new music you would never have actively sought out yourself

You might have gone into the festival with some hard and fast ideas of who you’re going to see. And there is nothing wrong with that. Of course you want to see your favourite singer/songwriter/band/DJ/producer play…that’s why you came! But of course, from experience, some of the best and most memorable musical experiences are those you never expected to have. That time when you lost all your friends and ended up in that tent where you saw Boddika b2b Joy Orbison for the first time and your mind was blown! Or that time during the day when you decided to take a stroll to the ‘new/introducing artists’ stage and discovered a great new talent who isn’t even signed yet, but you’re already following them on SoundCloud. It’s great to see artists you love, but even better to stumble across something you never even knew existed!


     4 Not all about the music…what about the arts!

OK, it’s a music festival. There’s going to be a lot of music- the clue is in the name…BUT don’t think that it’s going to be a 24/7 attack on your ears (if you want it to be though, that is definitely possible). Music festivals are a celebration of the arts. For the thespians, writers, dancers and artists within…there is always so much else to do, it’s impossible to be stuck for ideas. So if you can peel yourself out of your sleeping bag to do some early morning yoga; if you think you’ve got the moves to win the dance competition or you fancy an ambient night time stroll through the trippy folk forest, a festival is a damned good opportunity do something off the old beaten track. One of the best things I did at a festival was to see ‘Sh*tfaced Shakespeare’. It was exactly as you would expect. It was great.



Who doesn’t love fancy dress though?! My personal favourite is the adaptable, slightly questionable and unforgiving unitard. The wackier, the more outlandish and the more inventive, the better! Do. It.



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