Current fave|Kehlani

Current fave

I’ve been listening to this mixtape since about October…it was released way back in 2014 but nevertheless its still a goodie. That electric guitar though! If you enjoy the likes of SZA, Tinashe, Alexandria etc, you’re gonna love Kehlani.

Kehlani’s voice is so versatile – changing seamlessly from the sugary pop of Tell Your Mama (I think this might be my favourite track on the album) to the rugged, sultry tones of First Position.

This album is an R&B lovers dream…well, my dream it’s just so good and even playing it every day on my commute to work and on the office Sonos soundsytem (just so I can let everyone hear how good it is) hasn’t been overkill!

The lead single FWU is great…from the start the guitar has us hooked and she really draws us into the storyline of the song about how she met her new beau and struggles she has overcome ‘mama was poor/yeah she could never afford it’ (although I must admit that the main hook of the chorus doesn’t sit too well with me…’he said he loves me ’cause I’m loyal’….hmmm) but I’ll let that slide.

And the mixtape is free to download!

When you’re done listening to this, go check out her debut mixtape/album(?) entitled ‘You Should be Here’  which is Grammy nominated for best urban contemporary album–fingers crossed!


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