Embrace trends without looking ‘trendy’

A new season comes around and naturally, so do new trends (however, some trends… ahem.. culottes…ahem seem to be here to stay!). Now that it’s safe to detach ourselves from our bulky winter coats, sturdy boots and gloves that saves us in winter and give our wardrobes a spring in their step!

The trouble with trends is, that whilst they look great on the runway, they can often look costume-ish and a bit silly if they’re not done without any consideration for real life. So keep reading to see how you can rock the latest SS’16 trends without looking too ‘trendy’ for yourself…


The 90s slip dress

Slinky satin, spaghetti straps and slitted hemlines. Straight from the 90s, slip dresses are both playful and provocative. Sexy as well as statement. But they can fall into the category of looking like you’re getting ready for a sexy night in with a lover, so avoid hemlines that are too short, deep red colours and do not wear with heels. These have to be dressed down if they’re going to be worn out the house or you mayss16 slip be arrested. 





Motel Rocks is your first go-to online shop for anything 90s and 00s inspired, here I’ve pulled out two that stand out: the dusty pink Cotty satin slip dress keeps the integrity of what a slip dress is meant to be: sexy, playful and lightweight, but its pastel colour makes it a lot more playful and s/s appropriate.

On the other side of things, this white/silver alternative gives a futuristic vibe with some edge. Wear both with trainers or chunky boots and a denim jacket to avoid looking too delicate.


Gingham/picnic blanket print


Taken from Victoria Beckham’s SS’16 collection premiered at New York Fashion Week, the seasoned trendsetter has got us reminiscing about our old school uniforms…

For a fresh take on the look, take this traditionaldunga ging print and apply it to a more contemporary type of clothing, like dungarees/jumpsuit or wide legged culottes. Dress down – this is a casual print and hard to get right in more formal attire, so choose slouchy fits and oversized pieces over tight form-fitting ones.



Sports Luxe

sports luxe

Nothing new, this trend has been around for a while now and we can’t see it going anywhere soon. Note that just because the origin of the trend is sportswear, we don’t have to be head to toe in skin tight lycra or sweatbands! (Or leotards in the case of this photo!)

Take a more casual approach and opt for heavy jersey fabrics that effortlessly hang off the body and pieces that have a thick trim/banding (usually primary colours, but anything goes! Just not too many, 3 Sprint-Trend-Sportymax).

Trainers are a must have – and if you don’t want to splash out on some expensive Nike/Adidas/New Balance, there are loads of unbranded trainers about so you can test the waters before you become a trainer addict!

Complete the look with bomber jackets, straight leg (cropped) trousers, polo neck tops/jumper, oversized (sporting team) jerseys and half zip-front hoodies.

So, there you have it! Your spring wardrobe sorted! It’s pretty easy to adapt catwalk trends to real life, you just have to bare in mind that the ‘less is more’ mantra when you’re putting together an outfit. And remember that trends are just that..trends. Not every trend will suit every body type so it’s always best to stick to your guns if something doesn’t quite look right on you!

Happy shopping!


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