Summer styles for Afro hair that we LOVE!

Now, we don’t really need a reason to switch up our hair. But with it being officially summer now, that is definitely enough to make us get down to our closest hair shop and transform our locks. It doesn’t matter if you’re you’re natural, relaxed, transitioning or prefer protective styles, there’s so much we can do with our Afro hair to slay this summer! Keep reading for inspo!

Jumbo box braids/ ‘dookie braids’

Box braids have seen something of a resurgence of late. Rapunzel-like braids that reach your bum, an edgy blunt bob any anything in-between can all be achieved with braids. Why not try making the partings bigger and using more hair to achieve the chunky look?! Add gold/silver cuffs for extra glam and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

Bob box braids kerstidotpitre3


Colourful yarn locs

Orange yarn locs


Summer is THE perfect time to add some colour into your look. Yarn locs and braids are perfect for achieving that pop of colour and they are really good for your hair. The nature of yarn material means that they absorb moisture, so you can continue your hair moisturising regimen without the worry that your hair underneath isn’t getting enough moisture. They’re also very lightweight and easy to install once you’ve mastered the technique (which is very simple and there are plenty of Youtube tutorials to help you along the way) and maintain. Who says protective styling has to be boring!? Not us!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 3.25.41 PM

Look how gorgeous these candy pink bob-length yarn locs are! Great if yo want temporary colour but don’t want the damage of actually dying your own hair!

Marley twists

marley gif

One of the easiest protective extension styles to do! If you can already two-strand-twist (it’s really easy to master) then you’re basically there already! Use more extension hair per twist depending on how chunky you want them. Marley extension hair is coarser and a little more lightweight and cheaper than Havana hair but both offer similar styling options.

grey twists


If you don’t want the twists as chunky, use Kanekelon hair to install Senegalese Twists. Same technique, smaller sections and smaller twists but still slays all day!




For those of you who want to let your ‘fro lose this summer, you’ve probably mastered braid-outs and twist-outs already. Here is some more inspo. Remember:

  • Always ensure the hair is fully dry before unravelling
  • Use a light oil such as olive or coconut oil when unravelling to prevent frizz
  • Ensure your ends have been thoroughly moisturised beforehand
  • Don’t be touching your hair too often once you’ve perfected your style – you’ll dry it out and induce frizz
  • Enjoy your kinks and curls!

Bantu knots

Bantu knots


Bring back the 90s with this edgy style! Bantu knots are great; not onlyare they something really different and funky to give a try, but they’re a pre-cursor to a bantu knot-out, another variation of the twist out, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone whilst still looking on point!

Crochet crochet crochet!

Crochet braids crown_beauties

Another massively versatile style, crochet braids can be undetectable – we’ve often found ourselves wondering ‘how did she get her hair like that?’. Relatively easy to install if you can canerow, the (Marley/special crochet) hair slides through the braid and secures itself by looping around itself. Because you can use nearly ay extension/braiding hair, the number of different styles you can achieve is practically limitless!

We can’t wait to switch up our hair this summer, here are a few pics of my various styles over the past year or so..the real real question is…what is next? Let me know what you’re really digging, by tweeting me @miowmeeshy xoxox

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 4.51.46 PM.png


3 thoughts on “Summer styles for Afro hair that we LOVE!

  1. Braids are the summer go to hair, you literally can not go wrong with em. I currently have bob braids & cant wait to have the box braids with a little red done soon!

    Loved the post!

  2. I agree braids are everything! Especially if you like to go in the water or don’t have time to deal with natural kinks and curls. My favorite are jumbo box braids they last longer.

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