The Rise of British Streetwear Brand Trapstar

Originally published for Show Us Style

The Rise of British streetwear brand Trapstar

The rise of British streetwear brand Trapstar

















TRAPSTAR London is a streetwear and lifestyle brand that draws upon influences from iconic cinema, photography, contemporary art and music. It’s foundations are built on UK inner-city underground subculture but that doesn’t stop A-listers such as Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, A$AP Rocky and Hip-Hop don Jay-Z sporting the garms of this rising name in fashion.

Trapstar has always stayed true to itself.

Despite its growing media attention and increasingly high profile collabs of late, TRAPSTAR refuses to jump on trendy bandwagons to stay relevant. It is this integrity of the brand that has allowed it to become such an influential voice in the DIY-turned-professional creative industry.

Coming from humble beginnings, the label’s founder Mikey Trapstar (along with co-founders Mike and Lee Trapstar) set out making custom t-shirts for friends before seeing a surge in demand and a gap in the market. The brand has become internationally known and championed for its bold and instantly recognisable logo which is emblazoned on hoodies, caps, hard biker jackets and accessories and more!

And with more success and recognition has come more collaborations. The most recent clothing collab was the TRAPSTAR X PUMA AW ‘16 collection which had its debut at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. This partnership with such an established international sports brand showcased TRAPSTAR at its best forging a forward-thinking fusion of streetwear x sportswear in a high fashion context.



The collection drew upon inspirations such as football and military wear, blending this with the classic PUMA sports direction. The use of patent and heavy duty leather, fur and khaki wax jackets curates an overall aesthetic of toughness and street edge, with recurring hues of bright red and black – of course!

Other noticeable mentions is TRAPSTAR’s inclusion in a ‘Hoodies At Every Price‘ and ‘Vogue’s 10 Best Ways To Wear A Hoodie‘ features by fashion heavyweights Vogue!

And the guys behind TRAPSTAR haven’t stopped at high fashion. As stated in its ethos that they draw from all creative spheres, the growing brand have teamed up with legendary Rinse & Kiss FM grime DJ Logan Sama to produce a heavy mixtape for all its avi grime fans. The mixtape features some absolute bangers from producers and MCs that have been in the game for a long time and have made it what it is today. It’s completely fitting that TRAPSTAR have aligned themselves with grime music as it typifies British street ‘do-it-yourself’ culture to a T. It wouldn’t be a massive surprise to hear this mixtape playing along in the background to one of the fashion shows (actually we think that would be pretty sick, let’s put a request in!)

The brand has set its heights high and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon! We can’t wait to see what the guys are gonna do next here at Show Us Style. Keep an eye on whats new by checking out their website and signing up to their newsletter.


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