00s looks I want back!

We’ve seen a massive resurgence of 90s fashion trends – think chokers, halter neck tops and chunky boots, but we seem to have forgotten about it’s successor – the 00s. Whether you call it the naughties the aughts or the two-thousands, let’s take a look back in time to see some of those trends that we should bring back and how we can continue to rock them in 2016!

When we think of the 00s, we think of boho, pop-punk, chunky belts, kitten heels, low rise hipster jeans, and lots of denim! We can’t deny that a lot of this was terrible, but the 2000-2010 era had some defining moments, which are already seeing signs of an updated comeback.

Tinted sunglasses


[Photo: EMGN]

You know the type. Whether they be pink, blue, yellow…or any colour, as long as there is a gradient from colour to clear, complete with diamanté embossed arms, you’re on the right track. Whilst most sunglasses these days favour the a dark tint and rounder frame that
harks back to the 1980s, these sunnies are usually oval or rectangular in shape. And even Drake is wearing them!


[Photo: champagnepapi]

Trucker hats


[gif: Bustle]

Von Dutch.
Think that says it all! Every celeb back in the day was sporting one of these trucker caps…it was an essential part of your wardrobe. And although back then (In Paris’ words), they were ‘hot’, wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat nowadays is a complete no-no!


[Photo: Hypebeast]

What we have noticed though, is the resurgence of sports caps. Whether you like your branded Nike or classic New York Yankees cap, or prefer to keep it more minimalist and unbranded, caps are the way forward. Doing some outdoor exercise? Wear a cap! Bad hair day? Wear a cap! Want to look sports luxe and on trend? Wear a cap!

Drawstring rucksacks


[Photo: Moira’s]

We all had one of these to take our PE kit in to school – and why…because they were so handy and effortless. Although a lot of us opted for the free version we got from JD Sports when we bought our trainers (which, if you were über cool, you wore crossed over your
body), there are plenty of updated versions to be had nowadays. You can even get them in canvas material, with some extra shoulder padding (remember how the strings would almost stop the circulation to our arms when the bags got heavy!) in various patterns and sizes.

Or, you can go for the classic sports style – perfect for the gym or to store a few small things on a day running errands.


[Photo: Cool hunting]



[Photo: Style News]

Juicy Couture tracksuits were all the rage circa 2007. Low rise, hip-hugging with a relaxed fit, this was the ultimate comfort yet (questionably) fashionable garment of it’s day. Queen of the 00s Paris Hilton led this trend when she was at her peak, along with being glued to her Sidekick phone and Tinkerbell carrying tote bag.


[Photo: Lipstick Alley]

So we’re not about to go out and buy a full matching velour ensemble (although they are still widely available online), but tracksuit wearing is definitely on the up, and a way to hark back to this point in time. Plus points if you do.

Double denim


[Photo: MTV]

Se we’ve all seen that picture. Now, I’m not suggesting at all that we try and bring back
that car crash of a couple ensemble that was worn by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at 2001’s American Music Awards but they were definitely on to something.


Rihanna looking flawless! [Photo: Lipstick Alley]

The key to not looking too country is mixing up the denim. If you’re going to go for the double, try mixing up different hues of blue, along with different textures and fits. Mix a loose fitting casual denim shirt, tucked into some skin-tight bottoms with a skinny strappy heeled sandal and the job is a good’un!


Let’s face it, most of the 2000’s fashion trends were mediocre to say the least. They probably won’t be engraved in fashion education or be looked at with nostalgia for a long IMG_8613time like the fashions of the 1930s, 60s or 70s our elders won’t let us forget. But as we have seen, naughties fashion did have a glimmer of hope and as with most style trends, they are definitely set to see a revival soon enough, so get ahead of the curve and get down to your nearest charity shop and find a bargain! Check out my Instagram to see my 00s inspired faves!

Tweet me @miowmeeshy with your favourite 00s trends you want to see coming back or have a look at my instagram where I often post 00s inspired ‘fits!



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