Thanks for checking out my blog!

Since I was young, I had always loved writing and generally being creative. I would often find myself (trying) to write songs -hahaha, how cringe is that!?- poetry and short stories, but of late, I’ve been caught up with uni work and kind of lost my way. I decided a great idea would be to start a blog where I can creatively share any ideas that I have with like minded people and hopefully say something insightful, or at least make you laugh! I’d love to have a career in new media, TV, radio or anything creative really, I just don’t see myself working for a bank or anything like that at all. Obv that’s not going to happen because I chose English Lit, not Accounting ha!

So yeah, my main interests are music, FASHION (OMG i love clothes!) pop culture, art,  cheerleading and i kind of live on youtube…I could spend forever on there! I just generally reading other people’s blogs, so HMU if there’s anything you think i should be seeing/reading!

hopefully you enjoy my stuff, i’m a big supporter of abbreviations…ie abreevs so get used to em!

follow me in twitter and instagram too, both @miowmeeshy for all things ~~wavey~~


peace xo


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